Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry is a one-to-one ministry by caring members who are trained to meet with a person in need of a listening ear. It is a long-term helping relationship that focuses on the unique needs of each individual person.

Stephen Ministry is named after Stephen, the first deacon in the early church, who was commissioned by the apostles to care for the community’s needs. When a person is hurting and in need of Christian care, they can contact the Bolivar UM church office to get a referral to this ministry. With the referral, a Stephen Minister will be assigned to meet with the hurting person for about an hour on a weekly basis.

The Stephen Minister provides distinctive Christian care, but holds all conversations in strict confidentiality. This will continue for the needed amount of time. Stephen ministers are not professional counselors or psychologists, experts in law, finances, or church doctrine. They have been trained to listen attentively and provide Christian care to hurting people.